Our Story

Our StoryCharles and Julie Kiser and Ryan and Claudia Porche wanted to do something significant with their lives. They wanted to live for a purpose larger than themselves.

Over time they discovered that this longing was God’s way of calling them to participate in a movement that would bring many new churches to life. They dreamed of starting new churches that really helped people and the communities in which they lived.

So they stepped out in faith to see the dream become a reality.

They entered into partnership with two churches and a resource organization that wanted to support their dream: South MacArthur Church of Christ, Richland Hills Church of Christ, and Mission Alive.

After a long period of discernment over the location of the new church, the Kisers and Porches sensed that God was calling them to the Uptown Dallas area.

Two major factors tipped the scales toward Uptown.

Factor #1: the Kisers and Porches felt passionately about connecting with people who were disconnected from God, particularly those in emerging generations. The Uptown area was full of young adults and young families who had no religious affiliation at all.

Factor #2: Uptown is right in the heart of the city of Dallas, and the Kisers and Porches wanted the new church to care about the harsh realities of the city, to help the homeless and poor, to mentor vulnerable children—to be a community of justice.

By February of 2008, both families had moved to the Uptown area and were beginning to realize God’s dream with the inception of Storyline Christian Community.

And the story is still unfolding to this day…