Our Way of Life

The Storyline Community is held together as much by a set of core practices as it is a set of core beliefs.
Storyline is fundamentally a community of Jesus-followers — in other words, a community of people who
seek to imitate the lifestyle of Jesus in their own lives. Becoming a part of Storyline,
therefore, means that one chooses to take on Storyline’s way of life and be accountable
to the community for living it out.

Storyline’s way of life has five rhythms:

  • Sharing life with disconnected or downtrodden friends
  • Tending to our spiritual growth in discipleship groups
  • Opening to God through prayer and Scripture
  • Rallying with our spiritual family
  • Yielding our resources to the mission

Those who desire to partner with the Storyline Community in mission are commissioned in one of Storyline’s
Worship Gatherings. Partners in Mission are then invited to walk alongside of other Storyline Partners as they
learn to live out the lifestyle of Jesus.